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Unraveling the Distinction: Argentine vs. Argentinian - A Cultural Journey

When it comes to the terms "Argentine" and "Argentinian," many people use them interchangeably without realizing that they have distinct meanings. In this article, we will explore the subtle differences between these two terms and shed light on their proper usage. Understanding these distinctions can lead to more precise communication, language usage, and appreciation of […]
Jason Pittock
July 24, 2023

Argentine Grilled Patagonian Lamb on The Spit

Welcome to the ultimate Argentine Asado experience with our mouthwatering dish, "Argentine Lamb Grilled On The Spit". The Spit in Argentina is referred to as "La Estaca". This unique method of vertical cooking has been handed down through generations in Argentina, and when it comes to grilling a whole lamb, this is the ultimate method […]
Jason Pittock
July 14, 2023

How To Sharpen An Argentine Asado Grill Knife

Argentine barbecue knives are the essential tool of every good “parrillero”. When it comes to dominating the Argentine Asado and becoming a grill master, having a great knife is key to getting the job done well!  Keeping the grill tools and maintaining your Asado in perfect condition is vital in the grilling process. Here, we […]
Jason Pittock
May 22, 2023

How To Grill An Argentine Asado Like a Pro: Step-by-Step 2024 Guide!

Hi my name is Jason Pittock and I am a British expat who has been living in Argentine for the last 2 decades. In this article let show you some of the key steps to grilling an Argentine Asado like a master. Look out for my "TOP TIPS" in the article and be sure to […]
Jason Pittock
May 15, 2023

Argentine Grilled Filled Kabocha Squash Recipe

The Kabocha squash is a great ally on the grill. It is distinguished by its bluish-green skin and its intense orange interior. The Kabocha squash recipe is great tasting and highly nutritious, here at Argentine Asado we often include this as a side dish in our grilling sessions!  Kabocha Squash History This squash is of […]
Jason Pittock
April 28, 2023

Argentine Asado Vacio Recipe (Brisket)

In Argentina, the Vacio which is known as a Brisket, is one of the main cuts of meat that cannot be missing from the true Argentinean grill. A true Argentine Asado must include a Vacio, it's juicy, tender, and remarkably tasty.  Done well, the Vacio is a great cut to serve a large volume of […]
Jason Pittock
April 26, 2023

How To Build Your Own Argentine Asado Grill?

We all love DIY projects, and being the grilling lovers we are, we were delighted once this question came through our channel “How can I build my own Argentine grill”? What a question! Argentine grills are very simple and unsophisticated. So we went ahead and created this article covering exactly how to build your own […]
Jason Pittock
April 25, 2023

What is Piquillin Firewood and Why is it Used in Argentine Asados?

What is piquillin wood and why is it used in Argentine Asados? Choosing the right wood for your Argentine Asado or grilling experience is key. In this article, I will explain why we use the famous piquillin firewood so frequently and why we get amazing results from this magical hardwood. The Piqullin asado firewood is […]
Jason Pittock
April 24, 2023

How To Prepare and Maintain Your Argentine Asado Grill

To achieve a great Asado, you must take care of your grill and keep it in perfect condition. Achieving great Argentine Asados consistently doesn’t come by chance. One of the biggest contributions to a great Argentine Asado is preparation. Like any craft, preparing your Argentine Asado correctly will set you up and put you on […]
Jason Pittock
April 24, 2023

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