How To Sharpen An Argentine Asado Grill Knife

Argentine barbecue knives are the essential tool of every good “parrillero”. When it comes to dominating the Argentine Asado and becoming a grill master, having a great knife is key to getting the job done well!  Keeping the grill tools and maintaining your Asado in perfect condition is vital in the grilling process. Here, we […]
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How To Grill An Argentinean Asado: 2023 Guide!

The Argentinian-style Asado is internationally known to be one of the best grilling techniques in the world. It consists of slow-grilled or roasted meats and vegetables accompanied by the most delicious sauces such as chimichurri and provencal sauces. Even though the Argentine way of grilling differs slightly from other cooking cultures, it’s not impossible to […]
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How To Build Your Own Argentine Asado Grill?

We all love DIY projects, and being the grilling lovers we are, we were delighted once this question came through our channel “How can I build my own Argentine grill”? What a question! Argentine grills are very simple and unsophisticated. So we went ahead and created this article covering exactly how to build your own […]
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What is Piquillin Firewood and Why is it Used in Argentine Asados?

What is piquillin wood and why is it used in Argentine Asados? Choosing the right wood for your Argentine Asado or grilling experience is key. In this article, I will explain why we use the famous piquillin firewood so frequently and why we get amazing results from this magical hardwood. The Piqullin asado firewood is […]
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How To Prepare and Maintain Your Argentine Asado Grill

To achieve a great Asado, you must take care of your grill and keep it in perfect condition. Achieving great Argentine Asados consistently doesn’t come by chance. One of the biggest contributions to a great Argentine Asado is preparation. Like any craft, preparing your Argentine Asado correctly will set you up and put you on […]
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How To Prepare The Fire For An Argentine Asado

In Argentina, grilling (Argentine Asado) is a ritual that unites all families across the huge span of the Argentine country. It is synonymous with meetings and celebrations. An Argentine Asado can mean lots of things, but the truth is that this centuries-old custom requires some knowledge of meat and the previous step: lighting the fire […]
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10 Top Argentine Asado Vegan Options

The Asado is not just another meal for the locals. Over the past 2 decades, it has become a ritual, like a special ceremony where friends, families, and neighbours get together to share a moment that is heart-warming and unique.  People often say that the Argentine Asado is much more than just the food and […]
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How to Grill an Argentine Rack of Beef Ribs (Asado Costillar)

This is the second Argentine Asado vlog, and today we will be cooking an Argentine rack of ribs, also known as “Asado” or “Costillar” in Argentina. This is a recognized cut in Argentina and is the centrepiece of any true Argentine BBQ.  In this Argentine grilling session we will learn how to prepare the meat, […]
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How to Grill an Argentine Brisket (Vacio) and Kabocha

In this first session of Argentine Asado we will be grilling a traditional Argentine cut of meat, the brisket, known as a Vacio in Argentina. We will also be cooking a Kaboocha filled with veggies and cheese! Steps to cooking an Argentine Brisket (Vacio) Step 1: Choose a good Vacio (brisket) and start the fire […]
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