Argentine Grilled Filled Kabocha Squash Recipe

The Kabocha squash is a great ally on the grill. It is distinguished by its bluish-green skin and its intense orange interior. The Kabocha squash recipe is great tasting and highly nutritious, here at Argentine Asado we often include this as a side dish in our grilling sessions!  Kabocha Squash History This squash is of […]
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Argentine Asado Vacio Recipe (Brisket)

In Argentina, the Vacio which is known as a Brisket, is one of the main cuts of meat that cannot be missing from the true Argentinean grill. A true Argentine Asado must include a Vacio, it's juicy, tender, and remarkably tasty.  Done well, the Vacio is a great cut to serve a large volume of […]
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How to Grill an Argentine Rack of Beef Ribs (Asado Costillar)

This is the second Argentine Asado vlog, and today we will be cooking an Argentine rack of ribs, also known as “Asado” or “Costillar” in Argentina. This is a recognized cut in Argentina and is the centrepiece of any true Argentine BBQ.  In this Argentine grilling session we will learn how to prepare the meat, […]
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How to Grill an Argentine Brisket (Vacio) and Kabocha

In this first session of Argentine Asado we will be grilling a traditional Argentine cut of meat, the brisket, known as a Vacio in Argentina. We will also be cooking a Kaboocha filled with veggies and cheese! Steps to cooking an Argentine Brisket (Vacio) Step 1: Choose a good Vacio (brisket) and start the fire […]
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